Thursday, December 29, 2011

What are they doing right now?!

Ever wondered what the feline residents of IEAS do all day? Well, take a look at your house cat. Is he/she sleeping? Then, it's doing the same thing that the big cats at IEAS do most of the day!

Just like domestic cats, exotic cats sleep up to 18 hours in a day! It must be nice to be able to be that lazy! With all that sleep, you can bet that their waking hours are HIGH ENERGY! When the big cats at the Sanctuary aren't snoozing, they do a whole lot of playing, pouncing, rolling, swimming, running, and jumping!

Even still, we do see them "catching some z's" most often, especially in the daytime!

Here is a look at what some of the cats are doing right NOW!
These pictures were all taken in the last hour!

Khera... ROLLING!
Shauna... LOUNGING!



Come see what they do first hand!
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