Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bundled Up Bears!

As you might guess, because of the cooler winter temperatures, the IEAS bears have gone into their sleepy mode! The grizzly bears, who sleep considerably more than their Black bear friends, have been bundled up together in one of their caves. In total, it is about 2,000 POUNDS of grizzly bear snuggled up warm in a hay filled cave! That's a whole lot of furry body heat and you can bet it's pretty warm in their! When they do poke their heads out, we see a lot of "bed head!" They waddle, half asleep, to their water trough for a drink, then sit down, look around, and wander back in to continue their long nap! It's so great to see the bears acting just as they would in the wild, but we miss seeing these playful bears every day!

The black bears, on the other hand, have been pretty active with the fluctuating temperatures. They have been piling as much hay as they possibly can into their caves, and they have some pretty great little beds made inside each one. They almost look like big bird's nests - a big hay bowl that is just right for a big old black bear to snuggle up in!

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