Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thor Made the Big Move Today!

It didn't take long for us to prepare Thor's new habitat for him. We realized that Thor was ready for his new habitat, and today, transported him to his new home!

He was very nervous to be in his transport cage, as expected, but he really handled the move like a tough little cougar! He was very brave and calm, watching everything he passed by on his way to his habitat. It was clear that his caretakers being present was a comfort to Thor, as he would become visibly more calm and comfortable when he heard their voices. This was evidence to us that that hours of Emotional Enrichment with Thor were definitely paying off!

When he arrived at his new habitat, the transport cage was opened. We expected Thor to go immediately into his new house, which is the most common first "comfort" spot of animals in their new habitats. However, Thor showed us again how brave he was by slowly exiting the cage and then moving along his habitat, sniffing around and taking in his surroundings for a minute. Then, he found a comfortable spot behind his water trough to settle down and relax. He laid down there and that is where left him to explore!

He was even checked out by his neighbor, another cougar named Duchess! He will be making friends in no time!

We will definitely keep you all updated on how Thor does in his new habitat. After some time alone to settle in, Thor will be visited by his caretakers again to continue to use Emotional Enrichment to make Thor as comfortable, secure, and happy as possible! He has a new, natural habitat full of trees, grass, perches, toys, and even a pool! He will be a very happy, growing cougar cub!

Stay tuned! TOMORROW, we will post a video of Thor's first moments in his new home!

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