Monday, December 19, 2011

Planning Thor's Big Move!

It's almost that time! In the very near future, Thor, the newest and youngest resident of the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, will make the big move from his temporary quarantine habitat to his permanent home! Thor will be living in a spacious, natural habitat, full of trees for climbing, perches to lounge on, toys to play with, and even a pool!

This little cougar cub will even have another cougar as a neighbor! Duchess, who arrived at IEAS in March, is living in the habitat right next to Thor's. On his other side, Thor will be able to watch two servals, Luna and Raja, and can even catch a glimpse of Allie and Rasul, two white Bengal tigers!

We are very excited for him to start his life in his new habitat. He is a growing boy and will love the space this home will provide for him. We've been preparing new toys like a mini fire hose ball (about 5" across instead of the usual 12"+) until he has grown enough for a big one, and prepping his habitat for it's new, rambunctious resident!

Keep an eye out for pictures and videos of Thor in his new habitat - they will be coming soon!

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