Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Donate Your Christmas Tree!

Seasonal enrichment is one of the IEAS animals' favorite things, and it's time for the Christmas season to bring trees to the animals! In the next few weeks, staff at the Sanctuary is hoping to provide YOUR Christmas trees as enrichment for the animal residents of IEAS. The big cats love to pounce on, throw, and destroy these prickly evergreen toys, while smaller cats prefer to sniff and rub all over them, letting the needles comb through their fur. The bears, on the other hand, prefer to use these piney limbs as bedding in their caves!

Once your ornaments come down, your tree can make someone else's Christmas complete! 


You can drop your Christmas tree off at the Sanctuary (located in Boyd, TX - click HERE for directions).

If you live in the area, we'll pick it up!

We will be doing three days of tree pick ups: 
Tuesday, December 30th
 Friday January 2nd
Tuesday, January 6th. 

If you'd like your tree picked up, send us a message on Facebook (click here to visit our page) telling us which day you'd like it picked up and your address. 

We will be picking up your tree sometime between 8 AM and 3 PM. 
Your tree must be out by the curb, free of ornaments, and taken out of the tree stand

Unfortunately, if we can't find your house, we may miss your tree! 
We apologize in advance if this happens!

We've had so many generous people donate their Christmas trees in the past few years, and we can't wait for this year's donations! Thank you in advance, and Merry Christmas! 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Everything You Need to Know About #GivingTuesday!

What happens when Black Friday and 
Cyber Monday are over? Giving Tuesday!

Razoo, an online source for nonprofit fundraising is sponsoring a day to give back - #GivingTuesday! On Giving Tuesday, December 2, donations from supporters like you will be tallied all day long and there will be prizes available to the leaders!

Top #GivingTuesday Fundraiser prizes will go to those who raise the most funds as part of their #GivingTuesday project. The Top Nonprofit Organization prizes will go to the all time fundraising nonprofit leaders on Razoo!

There will also be Golden Ticket prizes throughout #GivingTuesday awarded to both participating donors and to nonprofits. 

There will be six $1,000 Power Hour Golden Tickets (6am, 8am, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, and 10pm). These will be awarded to the nonprofit that receives the most donations at the end of the preceding hour. 

Twelve $375 Golden Tickets will be awarded to lucky donors drawn at random throughout the day!

Click HERE to make your donation and help 
IEAS raise money on #GivingTuesday!

Remember, your donation must be made between 12:01 am (eastern time) and 11:59 pm (eastern time)!