Thursday, December 8, 2011

Animal Emotions!

Are you interested in animal emotions? The study of animal behavior and it's relation to animal emotions is becoming more and more popular all the time! It can be an absolutely fascinating subject, especially for animal lovers like you! You don't have to be a scientist to learn about it, all you need to have is the interest!

There are a few great ways to learn about animal emotions. The first is simply by surrounding yourself with animals! You can learn so much about the behaviors and feelings of animals just by observing and interacting with them.

Another way is to read up! We've got a great place for you to start your readings... The Emotional Lives of Animals by Marc Bekoff is truly a special book, full of real life accounts of animal emotions, both happy and sad. The book is absolutely fascinating, very entertaining, and full of great evidence of animal emotion and feeling that is very much like ours. We recommend it to all that are interested in opening their minds to learning about animal emotion and behavior!

Click HERE to purchase this book through YellowBrickMall
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and they will donate a percentage of what you spend to IEAS!

Finally, ASK QUESTIONS! IEAS Animal Behaviorist, Louis Dorfman, can be a great resource for your animal emotion and behavior questions. Send us a message and we'll get right back to you with Louis' reply. Louis has written a number of articles and papers on his experiences, all of which can be found on the IEAS website, Check them out here!

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