Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trailer O' Pumpkins!

And it begins! We picked up a big trailer and two truck beds full of leftover pumpkins today from Rainbow Plant Sales in Saginaw, TX. Don't worry, they're not going to waste! These promise to be some of the best used pumpkins ever. Get excited! We certainly are!!

The next week or so should be full of pictures and videos of pumpkins being tossed around, torn apart, and eaten up, so stay tuned!

for thinking of IEAS with
your leftover pumpkins!
You have some very
grateful cats and bears!

A Field Trip for the Interns!

Last night, a few of our interns made a trip out to the Frank Buck Zoo (FBZ), in Gainesville, TX, to help out at their Zoo Boo! The FBZ keepers are members of the Red River Chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers, alongside the Sanctuary's keepers, so IEAS likes to support them in any way we can!

Betsy, Jennifer, Megan, and Amber, all dressed up in Halloween costumes, and drove to the zoo where they helped hand out candy and answered questions about the zoo and animals from the curious kids who were having a blast at the zoo.

The interns had a great time
as well and we were glad they
got to be a part of the FBZ's event!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One of the MANY things that make it all worth it!

We wanted to share with you all one of the MANY things that make our job 100% worth all of the time, hard work, and effort. After a school presentation about the Sanctuary, we received these notes, among many others from the students:

It's little things like this that mean the world to us! Our Education Program was designed and created with the hopes of teaching children (and adults alike) about how important these and all other animals are. Knowing that we helped these students is so amazing!

While we do often give presentations at schools, you, your kids, grandkids, and friends, can learn and experience even more at the Sanctuary! On tours, seeing these animals first hand can be a truly life changing experience, so plan your visit. You won't regret it!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby & Cookie Get a New Toy!

Baby and Cookie got a new toy! Well, it's more of a place to lounge for them than a toy! Nevertheless, Baby and Cookie got a one of the same wooden spools that we have given to Titan and the Grizzly bears, just a smaller version! They didn't do much at first. In fact, Baby didn't even come over to investigate right away, but Cookie was very quick to decide it was hers. She sniffed it, she marked it, and that was that!

It was confirmed that both she and Baby enjoyed the new perch, as we spotted them lounging on it on separate occasions that afternoon!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

FINALLY Photos of the 2 New Cubs!

Well, here they are!
Introducing the two
newest residents of IEAS!

The cougar cub has been settling in so well! He's very young and was very nervous upon his arrival. Using our Emotional Enrichment Program, staff members have been spending time with this little guy and he has come trust us so much more already! It will be some time before he is 100% comfortable but he is making huge strides. He eats, falls asleep, and
plays while we are there - all signs of comfort and trust! Speaking of eating, this little boy has quite the appetite and really enjoys his meals. He has been playing in his water, all over his hay, and with all of his new toys! Stay tuned for some more pictures (and hopefully videos)!

The bear cub is a bit more shy than
his cougar friend. He has been spending a lot of time in his hay filled house, relaxing and sleeping, but he definitely enjoys his toys and his habitat! He has been having lots of fun in his tubs and water troughs, sitting and splashing around in the cool water. He's been loving the fresh produce and peanuts that we've been feeding him - we keep finding his bowl completely empty and him ready for more! Once he is more comfortable with us, we will definitely have more photos and videos for all of you to enjoy!


Friday, October 7, 2011

The Transition into Fall!

Well, we can tell fall is coming! The leaves are falling and the pools are needing a good skimming all the time! The weather is certainly keeping us on our toes these past few weeks as the seasons change. We've been spotted layering up in the mornings but still sporting our tank tops and shorts in the hot afternoons. The cats and bears are ready for the cooler weather, as they are fully embracing any opportunities to be lounging on their favorite perches in the sun, with the cool breeze keeping them comfortable.

Many of our previous tour-goers can tell you that fall is a PERFECT time to come out and visit the IEAS animals. With the more manageable temperatures, the activity levels certainly increase! Now, that's not to say that some of the felines may be snoozing when your tour goes by (they do sleep up to 18 hours a day afterall - that's a lot of sleeping to squeeze in to one day!), but fall tours often find the big cats up and about, eager for a visit with friendly faces, and chuffing up a storm to say hi!

If you've been thinking about heading out for a tour, now is the time! Tours are offered every day at 11:00 AM and Saturdays at 3:00 PM also!

See you soon!