Friday, December 9, 2011

Visitors from Fort Worth Nature Center!

We were very happy to have visiting staff from the Fort Worth Nature Center, home to an ex-pet, declawed bobcat that could not be released back into the wild. The group came to IEAS for some information and ideas about bobcat care! We were more than willing to show them around, introduce them to the IEAS animals, and help them with taking care of their bobcat resident!

The Nature Center staff left IEAS with new enrichment ideas and habitat plans. Plus, we were even able to direct them as to how to use IEAS' unique Emotional Enrichment program to form a relationship of support, security, and trust between them and the bobcat. We can't wait to hear how the new ideas and the Emotional Enrichment helps this little feline and the staff.

Check out the IEAS bobcats - they are the smallest residents of the Sanctuary and some of the best climbers for sure. Click here to see their adorable, furry faces!

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