Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sunshine's Big Move

Sunshine made the big move to his new, 1.5-acre habitat. This new home comes complete with forest, meadow, caves, and three new pseudo-brothers, Timmy, Tommy, and Tuffy! Sunshine has never been around other bears before, so it is going to take him some time to learn and adjust to the rambunctious nature of these three boys!

So far, Sunny is doing great! He has been exploring his area, finding spots he feels most comfortable. He has been nose to nose with his new friends, but is still trying to figure them out! With the support of his caregivers and our Animal Behaviorist, Sunshine is making progress every day with both his habitat and his bear roommates.


We're eager to see Sunshine continue to embrace his new surroundings, and we're happy to help him along the way. We'll be sure to update y'all on his progress, so stay tuned to our Facebook page for pictures and info!