Monday, August 15, 2011

Drawing Contest!

Do YOU love to draw!? Well, if you're 17 or younger, we have a contest for you! Draw, paint, sketch, doodle a picture of a big cat or bear and you could win a free tour and have a visit with your favorite Sanctuary animal! Second and third place winners will also win a prize!

This contest will take place throughout the month of September so if you'd like to submit a picture, make sure it's here by September 30!


There will be THREE AGE GROUPS (with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner from each group)
Ages 7-10
Ages 11-14
Ages 15-18

1st Prize: An 8x10 photo, a free tour voucher (for you and your family), and a one-on-one visit with your favorite IEAS animal!
2nd Prize: An 8x10 photo and free tour voucher (for you and your family)!
3rd Prize: An 8x10 photo of your favorite animal at IEAS!

Send your finished drawing to:
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary
Attn: Drawing Contest
P.O. Box 637
Boyd, TX 76023
Or e-mail them to:
(You can also drop your entries off at the IEAS gift shop if you live nearby!)

*When you send your drawing, be sure to include a note indicating your NAME, AGE, BIRTHDAY, and FAVORITE IEAS CAT or BEAR!*

Winning entries will hang in the IEAS gift shop!


Meet the two newest
members of the IEAS family!

These two tigers were brought to IEAS from San Antonio, TX, after the facility they lived at was forced to close due to insufficient funds needed for caring for its residents. It is amazing how well the two Bengal tigers have settled in. The male is currently lounging in his pool, where he has been staying cool all morning! His female companion is slightly more timid. She lays near her friend, watching and taking in all of her surroundings! Less than one day into their new lives, we have already been lucky enough to get a few chuffs and visits with these two special tigers. We are so happy to be giving them a new permanent home and look forward to giving them a highest quality of life possible in captivity!

To help IEAS give these
amazing tigers a new life,
DONATE by clicking HERE!

It is supporters like YOU that help
make rescues like this possible!
Thank you all for what you do!

Monday, August 8, 2011


So, remember our "Tours for Troops" event? We collected nine big boxes worth of goodies to send to the troops overseas, and then, we sent them on their way! It's been almost 3 weeks since we sent the care packages and check out what we got in the mail today!

We're so happy that these Rangers loved
the packages & their thanks means a lot!
THANK YOU to everyone who came &
donated goodies for the care packages!
We are so proud that all of you wanted
to help us and be a part of recognizing
the amazing troops we have over seas!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi!

Well, another shot at the Pepsi Refresh Project left us in 56th place in our category. This may not seem too impressive, but if you recall, our first attempt landed us in 110th place. We finished SO much higher this time. We can't believe how much more support this means we got in only the course of a MONTH. It seems like many more of you wonderful people were taking a few minutes every day to think about the animals living here at IEAS and we can't thank you enough for it.

This increasing sign of care and love for these truly amazing animals means SO much. The International Exotic Animal Sanctuary couldn't give these magnificent big cats and bears a second chance at life without people like YOU! Your help truly makes what we do possible, so THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR AMAZING SUPPORT!