Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The First Snow of the Season!

We had our first snowy, white morning here at IEAS! It was a bit of a surprise to wake up to, but the cats and bears seemed well prepared, dry and comfortable in their warm, hay filled houses. Many of the felines were cuddled up together for extra warmth!

We were excited to see how Thor would react to his first experience with snow. He had never seen the fluffy, white, cold stuff before so it was very new to him! It's safe to say, he certainly didn't LOVE it. First thing in the morning, we found Thor relaxing in the warm and dry inside section of his quarantine habitat. After his breakfast, he wandered over to his doorway, sniffed the snow, even licked it a little, but decided against getting his paws wet and cold! Most of the morning, he sat right in his doorway, looking at the white ground, seeming to be just waiting for it all to melt away. As soon as the snow disappeared, he was out and about, playing with his toys and relaxing on his perch. At least he doesn't mind cool weather at all!

We are excited to see if Thor ever warms up to the idea of playing the snow. Many of the other Sanctuary cats love to romp and play in it! Scoundrel, the newest bear cub resident of IEAS and Thor's current neighbor, was much more willing to be out enjoying the precipitation. Maybe Thor will take a hint from Scoundrel and adventure out to play!

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