Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Building Bear Caves!

For the past week, IEAS staff and interns have been working hard to build two new caves for the American black bears living in Bear Orphanage. The bears in this five acre natural habitat already have a two caves and several dens that they dug on their own, but we think they could use a few more!

The process of building these caves was stacking cinderblocks, filling them with cement, mortaring the inside and outside to seal out cold air, then filling them with nice warm hay to keep them toasty in the winter time! One cave has just been finished, filled with hay, and Lucky and Lucy have started to explore! They were poking into the cave, sniffing around, and admiring our handy work. We are sure that soon enough we will find the bears taking turns in the new caves, sleeping away the cold weather!

The interns had one of their first insights into working with cement and mortar and even learned some tricks and tools that could help them in their future careers in the animal world. They were all eager to learn and we're glad they could take part in the project. It is always rewarding to see an animal happy and content because of the work you did! It certainly makes every job well worth the effort!

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