Friday, September 12, 2014

Meet the Fall 2014 Interns!

The five newest members of the IEAS team have arrived are just completing their initial two weeks training period. They've come from all over the country and will be here for three or six months soaking up as much as they can about animal care at IEAS! Check out their bios below to meet them all! 

Alexa Swenson

My name is Alexa Swenson. I'm from Fairfax Station, Virginia and graduated from Old Dominion University with a BS in biology. Throughout high school and my first two years of college, I worked as an assistant at a veterinary clinic. I was also a volunteer at Northern Virginia Therapeutic Riding Program because of my love for horses. Throughout my years at Old Dominion, I volunteered at The Virginia Zoo in Norfolk and worked in their Africa section as well as with their program animals. Here at IEAS, I hope to further my knowledge of big cats and bears in order to achieve my goal of becoming an animal behaviorist. After my internship, I plan on getting my MS in an animal science program.

Amanda Arnold

My name is Amanda Arnold and I’m from Temperance, Michigan. I have recently graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Biology and a minor in Environmental Studies. Throughout the past couple of years, I have volunteered and interned at zoos and wildlife rehabilitation centers such as the Toledo Zoo, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, The A.R.K. (Association to Rescue Kritters) Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and the Tucson Wildlife Center. Currently, I am pursuing a career in animal husbandry and hope to get a job someday either as an animal keeper or wildlife rehabilitator. 

Kairee Glantz

My name is Kairee Glantz, and I am from Wayland, NY. I went to the Rochester Institute of Technology and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. I have volunteer experience at the Seneca Park Zoo where I performed supervised keeper duties, and I hope to one day become a keeper myself at a zoo or a sanctuary like this that supports large mammals. 

Mary Meixner

My name is Mary Meixner and I am from Ashland, Ohio. I graduated from Malone University in May of 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Zoo & Wildlife Biology and a minor in Psychology. I have previously volunteered in the Malone University Serpentarium caring for reptiles and amphibians, and I have been an intern at the Akron Zoo. Before accepting this internship, I worked as an Interpreter at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and as an animal care technician at the Ohio Bird Sanctuary. After this internship, I plan to continue working in the field of animal care. I would also like to participate in animal rescue and rehabilitation. 

Christina Schmitt

Hello! My name is Christina Schmitt, I am from Maribel (near Green Bay) Wisconsin.  I graduated in May of 2013, from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, with a major in Biology and minor in Environmental Science.  I previously volunteered at the Green Bay’s NEW Zoo and interned at the NEW Zoo, Animal Gardens of Lake Geneva, and North West Trek Wildlife Park in Tacoma Washington.  At Trek I gained experiences working with small mammals and birds.  I have a passion for animal education and animal behavior.  After this internship, I hope to get a job working with members of the weasel family and/or large cats at an AZA facility.  

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