Friday, December 16, 2011

Last Week of Training for New Interns!

Kevin and Whitney are two weeks into their three week training session here at IEAS. They have one more section to spend a week in and then they will be all set! Once they are done training in Upper, Middle, and Lower, the three areas that the Sanctuary is divided into, they will switch sections daily, working alongside other interns and IEAS keepers to help clean and maintain habitats, houses, and animal welfare and safety!

Kevin finishing up providing Akbar, Arusha, and Kumar with fresh water!

The Animal Care internship at IEAS can be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in an future animal care professional's life. As evident in our Intern Testimonials, individuals are able to walk away from the Sanctuary after their internship with a solid foundation of the most important knowledge, ideas, skills, and mindset necessary to a successful professional in the animal world.

Safety is of the upmost importance at IEAS and nothing is stressed more. When working around more than 60 dangerous and potentially deadly animals, there is nothing that is a higher priority. At the Sanctuary, interns learn the importance of focus, teamwork, and thoroughness. Every lock is double checked, cats are repeatedly located and diligently observed, and awareness is always at it's highest possible level. Interns are taught that one can never be complacent and never rely on the routine. Working with this many dangerous animals, you must be able to truly work WITH them. You must always be able to adapt to their needs, as at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, the happiness, security, and comfort of each and every animal is never sacrificed to get a job done. Using their ever-improving observation skills and increasing knowledge of animal behavior and emotion, interns learn to work with the cats and bears, on the terms of the animal, with a relationship of mutual trust and comfort!

Whitney helping to mix mortar for a bear cave!

There is a huge amount of information to teach each intern that passes through IEAS. It is an especially large amount when you consider the short time of three or six months that the individual is at the Sanctuary. Even still, IEAS will continue to strive to teach interns as much as possible during their stay!

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