Sunday, June 23, 2013

Multi-colored Bears!

With this heat, winter is a distant memory, and we're watching as the IEAS bears shed their last bits of winter fur and turn a whole new shade of their former hue. The seasonal fur change of the bears is one of our favorite indicators of the new season. Right now, the bears are all in different stages of shedding. The largest bears, like Dakar, tend to shed their winter fur the fastest. Their large size aids in this process as it causes them to be "combed" by the brush that they tend walk through more than smaller bears, who brush by less as their move through their habitat.

Additionally, we provide the bears with Omega-3 Fish Oil in their diets, which promotes coat growth and health. This helps them in growing in their summer coats! In a few weeks, we are sure that all of the IEAS bears will be looking spectacular, but for now, we've got some multi-colored bear residents!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Welcome to the Summer 2013 Interns!

The new interns of Summer 2013 have arrived at IEAS, and their hard work has already begun! They've been doing a great job in their first two weeks, and we're excited for them to continue to take on the challenges that this internships brings. So far, they've already been preparing diets, weedeating/mowing, painting, helping with habitat construction, picking up habitats, cleaning animal houses, sorting bear produce, learning about pool pumps/motors, and so much more! It's been a busy few weeks for them, and we hope they are excited for what the rest of their internship will bring!

Welcome to the IEAS team 
Adam, Kristen, Lexi, Jess, Jen, and Taylor! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Heartbreaking Day at the Sanctuary: Remembering Misha

We have been struggling to find the right words, to find the strength, and to accept the need to tell you all that several days ago, we lost Misha in an unexplainable accident. She was found in her habitat when we arrived for her morning feeding the night after a thunderstorm. We have poured over and dwelled for hours on end about what may have happened and can come to no certain conclusion. There were no clues as to what may have caused this heartbreaking and untimely loss. Whether by some accident of nature or an underlying physiological complication, this amazing cub, who touched each of our lives in a different way, was taken from us far too soon and now, we find it difficult to express how much grief we feel.

In only three weeks, Misha showed us so much of herself and put her entire being in her new life at the Sanctuary. She embraced every new opportunity and was eager and curious to learn and explore what her home had to offer her, including her new friends. Misha found nurturing and comfort in her human caregivers at IEAS, forming unique bonds with each of us individually. Whether she viewed us as a friend, mother, father, or sibling, Misha showed us just how intelligent, bright, and thoughtful she really was. Her confidence grew by the day, and it took little more than looking into her expressive eyes to fall in love with her. The understanding and acceptance she had for her new family and the security that she found in each of us gives us reconciliation in that we are truly confident that Misha knew that she was cared for, treasured, and, above all, loved during her time with us. To say that we feel it is a privilege to have known Misha, even for a short time, is an understatement. It is one of the greatest honors we’ve had, and a time that will undoubtedly stay with each of us forever. We will never stop loving this amazing little cub, and though she can no longer be with us, she will always be in our hearts and a part of the IEAS family.