Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spice Up Your New Facebook!

You may have heard the news that soon enough, all Facebook users will have their profiles switched over to the new "timeline" format! This means that each and every one of you will be able to have a COVER photo to highlight the top of your personal Facebook page, along with your regular profile picture.

Want to spice it up and make your Facebook page really ROAR?!
Well, we can help! We are in the process of creating some cover photos, free and just for you!

They're not quite ready yet, but we had a question for you... ANY REQUESTS?! Do you have a favorite animal who you REALLY want to stand out at the top of your page? What about a particular species that you're just a sucker for? Let us know and we might just be able to make a cover photo JUST FOR YOU!

Here are a few of the ones we are working on, but keep an eye out because there are plenty more to come!

Remember, let us know if you have any requests!


  1. My adopted kitty, Tassers, would be my choice. I SO dread having to go to the new timeline! Hard to find anything.

  2. Thank you so much! This is a great idea. I'll definitely want to select a photo when I break down and convert to Timeline, or get forced by FB. May I please vote for Titan and Thor? Cheers, Ashley

  3. Hello my name is Caitlin Crawford. To start off I found your guys web site on facebook by going through Khole Kardashian Photo's. I saw a photo of her and this beautiful white tiger I dont know the name of the tiger but I have a Special one on hand, names Sabrina (1994-2011). I was reading the story of her on the mormial page on your site and that thouched me, Please if you can put a photo of her on here so i could put her on my profile. It whould mean alot. <3 - Caitlin Crawford (Email
    ; caitlin_loves_you_1993@yahoo.com or C.crawford122610@gmail.com)