Friday, January 13, 2012

IEAS Interns: Where are they now!?

Have you ever wondered where the IEAS interns go once their internship ends? Well, the fact is, IEAS has had over 200 interns since the Intern Program began and 90% of them have gotten jobs in reputable animal facilities across the country and even a few in international locations!

Locally, IEAS interns have worked at the Fort Worth Zoo, Dallas Zoo, Dallas World Aquarium, Frank Buck Zoo, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, the Texas Zoo and the San Antonio Zoo!

Nationwide, IEAS interns can be found at the St. Louis Zoo, Memphis Zoo, Nashville Zoo, Bronx Zoo, Zoo Montana, Detroit Zoo, Palm Beach Zoo, Lincoln Park Zoo, Indianapolis Zoo, Cincinnati Zoo, and MANY more!

Additionally, the Sanctuary has had many interns who took a slightly different route than zoo keeping. Several of the previous Animal Care interns at IEAS are now working at other sanctuaries or for organizations such as California Fish and Game, Saguaro National Park, Covington Equestrian Center, or the Minnesota Conservation Corp.

We could not be more proud to have IEAS represented in all of these places! It is our hope that the interns from IEAS take with them a knowledge base, an understanding of animal care and emotion, and safety conscious mind that will help them succeed in any job!

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