Sunday, February 5, 2012

Check These Out!

We know that many of you love and truly support IEAS. There are so many ways you can help, but with the tough economic times, it's not always easy! Well, we've got something special that you can do and it won't cost you anything!

Capital One is now providing a credit card that will allow you to easily donate to IEAS every time you make a purchase with your IEAS credit card. Your first purchase will result in a $50 donation to the animals of the Sanctuary. After that, 2% of all purchases at gas stations and major grocery stores, 1% of all other purchases, and up to 10% of purchases made at select merchants will automatically be donated to IEAS. This is such an easy, automatic way to support these amazing animals!

You have three custom IEAS card designs (above) to choose from, or you can even design your own card! Shop with pride, knowing that every purchase you make with your Capital One Visa Platinum Card will help provide all of the magnificent animals at IEAS with the absolute highest quality of care possible! Be sure to let all of your animal loving friends about this wonderful opportunity!

Click HERE to read more and apply!
Won't those beautiful faces make swiping that card a little easier?

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  1. Even though I don't have an account at Capital One, I use my Community Partners card which is acceptable at Albertsons.