Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Tree Fun BEGINS!

We got our pile of Christmas trees - over 30 were donated, SO great! - and we are ready for the fun to begin! The first round went to some sleepy Grizzly bears, who were all tucked in their cave. We cut some big, comfy branches from the bottoms of the trees that would be perfect for a bear bed! As soon as they heard the branches rustling, they came rolling out, one by one, to investigate.

Almost immediately, Papa Bear started pulling the branches in. He knew exactly what they were for. His three siblings followed his lead and started to drag the branches in, pushing them with the paws or with their teeth! Soon enough, all we could see was a pile of bears and branches! That'll keep them even more toasty warm than they were before!

Thanks to everyone who donated!
THAT could be your tree up there!
Look how happy you made them!

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