Sunday, January 29, 2012

Get Ready for Valentine's Day!

Are you ready to show your sweetheart how much you care?!

Here at IEAS, we've got a few PERFECT ways for you to be the best valentine possible to both your loved ones AND the IEAS residents!
Adopt an Animal in your valentine's name! Choosing an animal of their favorite species or a particular cat or bear that they care most about and adopting that animal in their name is amazing way to give your loved one an opportunity to spend time with one of the most incredible animals in the world! As an adoptive parent, he or she could come and visit his or her animal anytime and enjoy true companionship with them. It's an amazing experience that YOU can give!
Looking for something a little smaller, but just as awesome!? Make your sweetheart a Friend of a Feline (FOF) or Buddy of a Bear (BOB)! By purchasing an FOF or BOB packet, you will be giving the gift of a free one on one visit (from outside the habitat) with the animal whose packet you choose. You're loved one will be able to have this incredible, once in a lifetime visit, a certificate, an 8 x 10 photo, and his or her animal's story!

If you call and order by February 10, we will be able to mail your adoption packet or BOB/FOF packet to you by Valentine's Day, so don't delay!
REMEMBER, when you purchase one of these gifts, your payment DIRECTLY benefits the IEAS residents. 100% of profits from these gifts and all purchases from IEAS go to help the animals, so you can be THEIR sweetheart, too!

Call 940-433-5091 to place an order!
For more info about Adopting, click here!

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