Monday, January 16, 2012

Warm Week Ahead!

It looks like the weather will be cooperating with us!
With sunny highs around 70 for the rest of the week,
we should be able to get a number of projects done!

Warmer temperatures allow us to work with mortar and cement, paint some things, and work with the PVC piping and pumps that keep the animals' pools running! Today and in the next few days, Khera's new waterfall, Duke's new pump, and a new sign for the entrance of IEAS will be getting done. Staff is working hard to teach interns the in's and out's of getting these projects done in ways that will insure their longevity, durability, and effectiveness!

We can't wait to see Khera in her new
waterfall. She has always loved her pool and we are sure that running water will make it that much more fun for her. Duke, being the unique cougar that is his, is one of the few of his species that we have seen who truly enjoys water! He has been in his pool playing with his ball several times, especially when it's warm! Getting his pump up and running again will get him ready for splash time come warmer weather. Lastly, the new sign for the entrance of IEAS will add to the eye catching BIG CAT and BEAR images on the front of our gates. We can't wait for you to see everything!

AND REMEMBER - warmer weather (especially around 70 degrees) is PERFECT weather for a tour! The cats and bear residents of the Sanctuary prefer these temperatures and are very likely to be out and about enjoying the weather as much as you will enjoy seeing them!

Hope to see you soon!

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