Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What is a Drive Through?!

Twice a day, IEAS keepers do what is called a "drive through" here at the Sanctuary. A drive through is basically an all encompassing safety and security check. Each and every habitat, gate, lock, pin, and animal is checked to be sure it is in place and secure. Keepers are also looking for anything out of the norm. If a branch has fallen, something was left in a habitat, or something was placed too close to a habitat, this is a chance to find it! One drive through is done at lunch time, and two more are done at the end of the day. That being said, once you have trained your eyes to be checking all of this, it's hard to stop them! Because of that, we are really checking everything every chance we get! Eyes are always on alert for anything that might be wrong!

As stated, this is normally a job for the keepers, but aspiring keepers (i.e. the interns!) are having the chance to hone their observational skills by practicing on drive through! They started their drive throughs with a keeper, riding along and learning how and where to see everything that needs to be seen. They are often reminded that there is a BIG difference between LOOKING at something and SEEING it, so they are currently in the process of training themselves! Now, they partner up and do a drive through together at the end of the day.

Drive through is one of the many important safety procedures that IEAS uses to maintain a secure, comfortable, and SAFE home for the 66 animals that call the Sanctuary home - and for the people who take care of them!

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