Monday, June 4, 2012

What a Week!

The past few weeks have been busy at IEAS, to say the least. With the departure of the spring interns, arrival of the the summer ones, and the arrival of the newest Sanctuary resident, we've been on our feet with plenty to do!

The new residents of IEAS, cougar and intern alike, are doing great! Sapphire, or Saphy as she's being called, seems to be enjoying her new home here. She is a bit shy, understandably, and so we have been giving her plenty of time to herself to explore and relax in her habitat. She has found her cave and loves to lounge in there, and her appetite is wonderful, which is always good to see in a new arrival. The period of adjustment to new surroundings is different for every animal, and Saphy seems to be settling in relatively quickly. She's visited with a keepers when they come for a visit in the evenings and appears to enjoy the time spent with her new friends.

The new interns of IEAS are a few days into their training, and have been meeting the animals that call IEAS home. In the beginning of every internship, safety is the number one priority on the list of things to teach interns. Checking locks, locating cats, and double checking gates are procedures that the interns are sure to learn within days of arriving at IEAS! The interns seem eager to learn more, and the next few weeks of training should do the trick!

Keep an eye on our Facebook and website to stay updated on the progress of both Sapphire, the new cougar, and the new summer interns!

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