Friday, June 22, 2012

INTERN UPDATE: Almost Done with Training!

The new interns are almost done with their training! They've had three weeks of learning so far. It always takes some time to get the basics down because, with as many animals as there are living at IEAS, the "basics" includes a whole lot of information. Past interns can be a testament to the fact that it can be a bit overwhelming to jump right into the Sanctuary routines, but it can be even more rewarding than it is challenging, that's for sure!

In addition to getting our normal cleaning and daily procedures down, the interns have been dabbling in several other projects, already adding new abilities to their skill sets. Several of them learned all about mortaring as they helped us with Domino's new pool. A few others have been aiding Richard and Roy in habitat construction, building a new house for Danvir and Sajani! On top of this, cleaning pools, working with PVC pipe, painting and landscaping have been added to their lists of experiences!

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