Monday, May 28, 2012

IEAS Thanks Our Troops!

Happy Memorial Day to all and
especially those who have served 
or are currently serving to 
protect our freedom!

Last year on Memorial Day, the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary decided to do what we could to show the American troops just how much we appreciate their service and sacrifice. As a result, we collected items to fill as many care packages as possible to send to troops risking their lives to protect ours. It was such a success last year that we want to do it again! 

Between now, Memorial Day, and the 4th of July, we will collect as many items as possible to send as parts of care packages to troops who are currently overseas. We hope that, like last year, our wonderful supporters - like you! - will want to be a part of this project and will help us reach our goal of collecting these items! 

Like last year, we have some ideas of the things we'd like to collect and have listed some below, but if you think of any more, we are definitely open to ideas and suggestions, so send/bring in anything that YOU think would be great to have.
IDEAS: Candy (we've heard they get junk food cravings!), phone cards, magazines, books, movies, hand warmers, foot warmers, tooth brushes, mouthwash, febreeze, body wash, body spray, pringles, crackers, cookies, beef jerky, comic books, travel size games, decks of cards, memory cards, suntan lotion, non-carbonated drinks, uniform t-shirts (which can be ordered online from AAFES), hard candy, blue and black pens, notebooks, envelopes, fly paper, a multi tool or good folding knife, travel size toiletries, powdered drinks (gatorade), blank writable cd's, crossword puzzles, etc...
We have a few ideas of specific troops, platoons, and areas to send these packages to but if you have a soldier in mind, send in the address and (depending on how much we collect) we will send a package their way!

We received this wonderful "thank you" from the troops who received our gift last year, and we hope to make some of those amazingly braves soldiers just as happy this year! 

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  1. Here is a nice way to say Thanks to the Troops. The Grateful Chics will donate a Patriotic Grateful Bead Strand to a soldier every time one is purchased. This charitable partnership is through Operation Gratitude, a non-profit that send care packages to our Troops. The soldiers will know someone cares, remembers and is grateful for their service with these tokens of Gratitude. Check them out here: