Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beat the Heat!

It's going to be a hot one! This week is shaping up to be over 100 degrees almost every day, and that means that the animals (and people) at IEAS are finding ways to beat the heat!

Newt, relaxing under his mister!
For your four legged friends, pools, misters, and favorite shady spots are the chosen methods of staying cool. We are starting to see these guys really take advantage of these options, and it's wonderful to see how cool they can stay! Newt, one of the IEAS bobcats, loves his mister so much that he chooses to sit as close as possible, letting the mist soak his fur! Other residents, like the coatis, enjoy them just as much! Mork and Mindy often spend the afternoons on their perch that sits directly under their mister. However, when a friend comes to visit, they are more than happy to venture down to say hello!

The people at IEAS use the same methods as the animals to stay cool! Well, some of them! With 90-100 degree days, the staff has been taking full advantage of our "Big Pool." This pool, located near the Ed Browne Nutritional Center and the Meadows Dormitory, is a wonderful way to cool off and relax after what you know has been a day full of hard work! Additionally, IEAS has devised a few ways for tour goers to stay comfortable during their walking tour of the Sanctuary - people misters! The felines of IEAS have had them for some time, and we figured they'd be a great addition to the tour path! Now, several stations are set up where visitors pass under an archway of cool mist! Be sure to come out and beat the heat just like the residents do!

Wonder how we stay cool during the work day? Well, we find ways...

Intern Alex helping another intern, Jessica, cool off!

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