Friday, June 8, 2012

Thinking about a Tour?

Lots of people like to do new and different things during the summer! It's a great season to get out and see the sights, and the perfect time to explore what the Dallas/Fort Worth area has to offer! Well, the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary is a wonderful attraction just 45 minutes north of Dallas, and our daily tours are an amazing opportunity to come out and see what we're all about!

On your walking tour of the Sanctuary, you will be introduced to the resident exotic animals, all of which were rescued from situations where they had been abandoned, abused, neglected, confiscated, or previously owned by people unwilling or unable to care for them. These animals' species range from big cats like lions, tigers, jaguars, and leopards, to bears, such as American black bears and grizzly bears, to other species like the white-nosed coatimundi! The tour will feature natural histories of these species, the personal stories of each animal, and the importance of species conservation, including how YOU can help!

At IEAS, we take great pride in the standards of care we set for the animals, the maintenance of our facility, and our work to educate both IEAS interns and the public. Tours are big part of conservation education and gaining support for the amazing animals that call IEAS home. As such, we work hard on each and every tour to make your Sanctuary experience a great one!

Click HERE to read some testimonials from people who have been on tours at IEAS. They may just convince you to head out and visit us here in Boyd, TX! You can even WRITE a testimonial for us by clicking "Submit a Testimonial" if you have already been on a tour!

For more information about the tours, click HERE. Be sure to read our Tour FAQ by clicking HERE.

We hope to see each and every one of you out at the Sanctuary soon! 

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