Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rainy Day Play!

For some of the animals at IEAS, rainy days mean it's time to lounge in the house and sleep the weather away. However, for others, the rain is just another opportunity to cool off and have some fun! 
Nala decided she'd prefer to seek refuge from the rain in her house!
A "through the rain" look at Titan enjoying the wet weather!
After feeding this morning, some very wet keepers wanted to see what some of the animals were up to! Most of them were napping in their houses, but others were outside and having some fun. The tigers were the most likely to be seen out and about. Tigers love water so it makes perfect sense that they might take advantage of an opportunity to cool off in the rain. Allie, Rasul, Kim, Karen, and Titan were outside on their perches, soaking up every drop of rain that they could! Karen took her enjoyment even further by hitting her big boomer ball into her pool, then pouncing straight onto it. This sent a mini tidal wave all over and spurred a play session that no rain storm could put a damper on!

George decided that the rainy weather made for a perfect swim session!
Karen wasn't the only one who thought the rain meant it was time for a swim. A little ways down the path from the playful tiger, George, one of the IEAS Grizzly bears, was kicked back in his pool, just relaxing. His brother, Willie, watched from nearby and eventually followed George's lead and jumped right into the pool, where the two engaged in one of their popular play sessions!

It's wonderful to see that a little bit of wet weather doesn't mean the there can't be some fun. Everyone is fed, happy, and safe, so for now, the keepers and interns are drying off and getting some inside work done! 

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