Sunday, May 20, 2012

Seasonal Changes for the Bears

Now that winter is over and the warm weather has arrived, the bears of IEAS are transitioning between their winter coats and their summer ones. Right now, they look a little less groomed than normal, but they are working on getting rid of the thick winter stuff, leaving their coats a bit patchy.


The change takes different amounts of time for each bear. In Bear Orphanage, the brush and limbs help pull the old thick fur off of the bear, so the more they walk around or the bigger the are, the faster the fur will be pulled out. Often, the smaller bears, whose bodies rub the trees and greenery less, hold onto their winter coats a bit longer. Additionally, in order to help the process along, we put Salmon Oil in the bears' diets every day. This oil aids in coat shedding, growth, and quality! Dakar, who is the biggest of the bears in the Orphanage, is looking absolutely magnificent at this point in the season. He has lost all of his winter fur and is a beautiful, dark chocolate brown. Soon enough, they'll all be sleek and a little less multicolored! What beautiful bears there are living here at IEAS!


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