Sunday, May 6, 2012

Summer Spots!

Well, we just had our first day above 90 degrees and boy, did we feel it! Several of our interns, who normally live up north, were not loving the weather. However, it did seem that the animals didn't mind the heat at all.

We found many of the animals in their favorite summer spots. Allie and Rasul were under their perches in the shade, Newt and Nala were lounging right in front of their misters. They all have great ways of keeping cool. Lots of people ask us about Katrina, the only snow leopard living at IEAS, and how the Texas summers affect her. Well, being a snow leopard, she's not made for 100+ degrees. However, Katrina has a waterfall with cool running water 24 hours a day. Beneath that waterfall is a shaded cave that, due to the waterfall, is roughly 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. That is where Katrina spends a lot of her time in the hot afternoons!

We hope that this summer you will make your way out to the Sanctuary to visit all of the animals you have come to know and love! You can bet they will appreciate your visit!

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