Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How are Mork and Mindy Doing?!!

Here it is - an update about just how wonderful the new coati residents of IEAS are doing! These two have been a major hit on tours and with Sanctuary supporters on our social media sites, not to mention everywhere else!

Mork and Mindy have made some huge strides since our last big update. Mindy has been friendly from the onset, but she has really begun to seek out affection and attention from her caregivers. She has very evidently bonded with a number of her human friends and truly enjoys their company. Mork has very closely followed suit. He was the shyer of the two when they arrived, and this remains true. However, Mork has begun to trust his new human companions quite a bit and loves visits! We have even found new favorite foods for both of them: Mindy LOVES watermelon, while Mork favors cranberries! Wonderful treats!

When they arrived at the Sanctuary, we were unsure of whether or not these two would be able to climb trees, as they would naturally, because they had been previously declawed. For the first several weeks, they stuck to their ramps and the fencing to get to the highest areas of their habitat. However, in the past few weeks, we have seen both Mork and Mindy climbing straight up the trees in their habitat! It seems that have absolutely no difficulty bouncing and pulling them selves right up! We were really excited to see this, as we can add "tree climbing" to the list of the many natural behaviors that they have begun to exhibit now that their home is outdoors and is bringing out their instincts!

Mindy has been pulling at tree bark and foraging in the grass for grubs, while Mork prefers to spend his time attempting to pounce on unsuspecting beetles and butterflies that happen by him. He has been successful on a number of occasions so the instincts of these two coatis are definitely being exhibited and it such a wonder to see. This just goes to show that even after so many years of living in an unnatural indoor home, they are still wild animals, and we couldn't be happier to be giving them the life they deserve!

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