Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Coati Update!

Mork and Mindy are doing amazingly well! It seems that they have both completely accepted their new caregivers as part of their little family. Mindy had warmed up to her new friends relatively quickly, but now, even Mork is coming around! The curious nature of these coatimundis took over and he just had to see what we were all about! We've found some new favorite foods for these guys, including apricots, watermelon, and blueberries, and we're happy to report that their appetites are in full swing!

These two rambunctious new residents have drawn quite a bit of attention from our loyal supporters and new visitors on tours! It's a sight to see when you are glancing around their habitat for them and suddenly, their two little heads pop up from their fire hose hammock! They have been doing lots of getting to know their new home and even have new favorite toys! Every day, we find something moved around, from their hanging buoys to their rope toys. It's clear that these two love to have fun and are taking full advantage of the new opportunities that their new home provides them with!

Be sure to head out to IEAS to visit these two new residents! You won't be disappointed! How could you be when they have faces like this!

1 comment:

  1. We visited Mork and Mindy yesterday. They are so cute and friendly. Mindy came up to the fence right away. And after a few minutes Mork came down from his perch too. By the time Paul and I moved on both were running around and climbing the trees in their cage.