Friday, March 18, 2011

UPDATE: New Cats Showing Us Some Affection!

First off, we've been getting some really great, creative name submissions for our Cougar Naming Contest! There is a little less than two weeks left and we can already see we are going to have our work cut out for us deciding on one name for each of cougars!
So, keep the names coming! Soon enough these two cats will each have an Adoptive Parent and it could be YOU!

Well, all four of our most recently rescued cats have really been coming around to us! The two tigers spend their days tucked in their house and cave but in the evenings, are more than happy to come over for a visit, especially the female! She will get a bit nervous as someone approaches but as soon as she recognizes who it is and we talk to her a bit, she comes right over and chuffs at us! Chuffing is a tigers way of purring, like a friendly greeting they use to say hi! The male is a bit more cautious but when he sees that his female companion trusts us, he comes over and says hello as well!

We're very excited that they are becoming more trusting of us and more comfortable in their habitat. The male has been spotted, soaking wet, after going in his pool. He left muddy footprints all the way back to his perch! We have even seen signs that they have been playing with their giant pickle toy! The pickle moved from their perch, to the ground, to the lower perch, to the highest perch over the course of a few nights. This is a great sign that they are enjoying the behavioral enrichment we provided!

The cougars are doing great as well!
More news on them to come soon!

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