Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our New Residents Have Arrived!

Well, it was a busy, exciting, and energy filled day yesterday here at IEAS and two new cougars and two new tigers are now safely here at their new home! Personnel from the Houston Zoo and Houston SPCA were here to help and we were sure to document the entire day!

When the Houston SPCA truck arrived with the four big cats, everyone was anxious to get them situated. We started with the female cougar, unloading her transport cage into a trailer to take her to her new habitat. She was nervous and eager to be out of the cage so as soon as the door opened, she ran into the grass and found a perfect, comfortable hiding place for a cougar - a cave! She stayed there, unsure of her new surroundings, until most of the onlookers were gone. Eventually, she explored her habitat and found her way into her cozy, new hay filled house.

Next to be unloaded was the male cougar. He was nervous, but calm. Just like his female companion, he was eager to be out of his transport cave and unsure of his new surroundings. As soon as his cage was situated and everyone was ready, his gate was opened and he slowly walked out into his habitat. He looked around quite a bit at his pool and new perches as he walked into his hay filled house. The houses proved to be a place where these two cougars felt safe and comfortable during their first few minutes at home.

Finally, it was time to get the two tigers into their shared habitat. They were both certainly happy to be finished with the long travel in their transfer cages and eager to have space and time to acclimate to their new habitat. After finding each other, they definitely became more at ease and found their own places to lay. The male has found a spot near the pool to lay while the female has picked a more hidden spot in a cave. We do know that they are enjoying the rest of their habitat, as they've been spotted laying on their perches and exploring the area!

It was an exciting day overall and we are so happy and pleased that we have the opportunity to change the lives of these four incredible animals. You can be a part of this change just by supporting the Sanctuary and our efforts. Spread the word and make a difference for all of the residents of IEAS!

We will have more videos and pictures to come!
We want to be sure to allow the cats plenty of time to adjust and settle!

Click below to watch a video of the arrival of these magnificent new additions!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us and
to the Houston SPCA and Houston Zoo!

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