Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Grizzlies Make A Splash!

It was a crazy morning for the Grizzly bears of IEAS -
full of swimming, wrestling, running, and playing!

Today was the first day since the bears went into hibernation that they went onto the pool side of their habitat. Because they had all tucked away to sleep on the opposite side of the habitat, we took the opportunity to go in, do some work, plant some grass, and fix their pool. Ever since the bears woke up a few days ago, they have been itching to run over and dig into the fresh grass and swim in their newly filled pool. Today, they got the chance to do just that! We finally finished the work we needed to do, filled the pool, and let the Grizzlies over onto their pool side.

They all had an absolute BLAST! Wendy ran straight for the pool; she rolled and splashed all over while her brothers first investigated the taste of the new, fresh, thick grass! Once eating got boring, they took their turns in the pools, wrestling, and jumping all over their perches. They were all ecstatic to be back in the water with fresh grass to run and play in!

It was truly a sight to see these incredible bears having so much fun!
It certainly made the work we did on this side of their habitat completely worth it!

Be sure to come and visit the Grizzlies of IEAS!
They are always happy to see friendly faces!

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