Monday, March 14, 2011

Cougar Naming Contest!

The two new cougars at IEAS have settled in and now comes another exciting step in their lives – they need names! We want YOUR help to decide on what the names of these incredible animals should be!

HOW TO SUBMIT A NAME: If you would like to submit a possible name for one of the cougars, go to our Facebook page (make sure you “Like” us or you won’t be able to post your submission!) and write the name of your choice on our wall. This is for both the male AND female cougar so be sure to distinguish between the two!


You must be AT LEAST 7 years old to submit a name (because you must be 7 years old to visit the Sanctuary and as such, younger children would be ineligible for the prize).

Each individual may only submit ONE name for each cougar. This means you can submit one female and one male name.

On April 1, Sanctuary staff will choose names and announce the winners!

WHAT IF YOU WIN? If your name wins, you will be notified (via Facebook) and will automatically become the Adoptive Parent of the cougar you helped name for six months! Being an Adoptive Parent will allow you to receive an 8x10 photograph of the animal, an adoption certificate, and most importantly, the opportunity to visit the Sanctuary and the animal you have now adopted. This will allow you to come sit by the habitat of your animal and get to know them! For more information about adopting an animal, visit the website below:

Be sure to submit your choices for names by March 31!

Get creative, be original, and think about the amazing animal whose life YOU can become a part of!

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