Monday, March 21, 2011

UPDATE: Cougars Are Exploring!

Well, the cougars getting much more adventurous! Both the male and female cougar have perches that are built about fifteen feet off the ground and in the past few days, the two cats have wandered up to explore. The male laid down right away, enjoying the view and shade from the trees above. The female also spends a great deal of time up there and is visibly more comfortable from that vantage point. She seems to be the type who likes to have a sharp eye on everything going on around her. We are very happy that they are enjoying these perches and really making use of all of the space provided to them.

They, like the tigers, are adjusting very well and becoming more and more trusting of their caretakers all the time! They are both already getting the hang of our daily feeding, pick up, and house cleaning routines. The male recognized immediately that the gators we drive are what brings his meal and now gets very excited whenever a gator passes! The female pops out of her house as soon as we get there in the morning, ready for us to lower the gate and put her food in.

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