Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tour Season!

While we provide tours year round here at IEAS, spring and summer are upon us and that means we need to get ready for tour season! We already have some very large groups lined up for the next few months and we are eager to start spreading the word about these wonderful animals.

If you've been thinking about coming out for a tour, but keep putting it off, now is the time to make the trip! Once the warm weather hits, it really is the perfect time to come out and see the residents of IEAS. Most of the cats and bears LOVE to play and lounge in the sun so you are guaranteed to see some incredible animals. The tours usually last about an hour and a half walking on gravel paths so wear comfortable walking shoes!

Our tours are full of amazing animals and great information and you'll be amazed at how much care and effort we put into supporting these magnificent creatures. It truly is an experience you will never forget and your visit will help the animals of IEAS more than you know - so head to our website for more information and come out and see us!

Here's what others have said about their visits to the Sanctuary!
"I have been coming here for years; thank you for all that you do! One of the reasons that I love to come here is that the animals are not required to perform. If we stop at an enclosure and the animal becomes agitated, the humans move-on; the animals welfare comes first! It is such a pleasure to see these animals safe and healthy; to see the tigers chuffing at the staff means that they feel secure. Some of these animals come from horrible conditions. While they're still in captivity, they are treated with care and respect. Thank-you for your commitment to the animals." - Michelle S.

"Today we visited your sanctuary. I had heard of you guys over the years but just never got a chance to come out. I didn't know what to expect. I'm a huge animal lover, especially for big cats. I found your place to be very educational. I was amazed at how clean everything was and how healthy the animals looked. They looked very comfortable and happy. Our tour guide was great at giving us information about the animals and made the whole experience fun. It's so nice to know that you give these animals a place to live out their lives where they are treated so well." - Diane M., Fort Worth, TX

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