Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February brings in the cold!

So far, February has been a bit of a challenge! We woke up yesterday morning to find 3 inches of ice and snow with some strong winds blowing it everywhere! The whole Sanctuary was cold and white but the animals were ready to eat first thing as usual! We had to walk the pans of meat to most of the houses, though we were able to drive some roads in the Sanctuary. We used a torch to melt the ice and snow off of the frozen locks, pins, and gates. A feeding that normally takes about 20 minutes took over an hour and a half today! It was a long morning but the animals are all full, happy, and warm in their hay filled houses. Well, except the few who are full, happy, and playing out in the snow! Sabrina, a white Bengal tiger, was rolling in the snow and rubbing on her snow covered tire. She also managed to make a huge snowball with one of her big boomer balls by rolling all over her habitat. Nearby, Nakita, a bobcat, laid in the snow by her Christmas tree watching the birds at the feeder near her habitat.

We are preparing for the next few days, which will likely be as cold and challenging as this morning! We are ready to do whatever is necessary to make sure that the animals are all happy and content!

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  1. Cats are adorable, no matter what size they are. :)