Monday, February 7, 2011

After Effects of Ice and Snow

Well, the ice and snow disappeared just about as fast as it came. However, it left some damage in its wake. As thing thawed out, we started to find little leaks, cracks, and breaks caused by the freezing temperature and ice. A pump in Bear Orphanage broke sometime during the cold. This pump is responsible for pushing water from one of our tanks up the hill to supply about a third of the lines and hoses in the Sanctuary. Because it is broken, we've been without water in this section. Instead of filling the waters with hoses, we have had to haul 5 gallon buckets of water from our Nutrition Center to each habitat and pour the water through the fence into the troughs. When doing all of the waters necessary, this has left us hauling 30-40 of these buckets. It is certainly exhausting work, but it is worth it knowing that the animals will have clean water to drink. While we work hard to make sure of this, Richard and Roy have been working hard to get the pump fixed. It looks like we'll have water back to all of the hoses in the next few days.

In addition to this break, we may have to dig a new well to provide water to a different section of the Sanctuary. So far, it is unclear what the cause of this lack of water is, but if it IS the well, this fix will surely take longer than the Bear Orphanage pump. This section of the Sanctuary may be without water for another two weeks. In this case, the staff and interns will be hauling water for the animals AND themselves, as this pump supplies water to the Meadows Dormitory (for the interns) and the Veterinary Clinic.

So, for now, we will all be very careful with our water use! We are hoping these breaks and leaks don't keep turning up but we will be ready if they do!

It is times like these that we are VERY grateful for the support you all provide for us! Your generosity helps us immensely in the ability to fix the breaks that pop up now and then!

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  1. Sorry for all the problems caused by the freezing weather! And now another 'event' on the way - pfftt. Hope you didn't get hit with the rolling blackout last week . . . try to stay warm.