Thursday, February 24, 2011

Irritating Garden Pests? Use Big Cat Scat!

Spring is here and we are sure that lots of you have begun working on your gardens! If you have problems with irritating pests munching and ruining all of your hard work, we have a solution! Researchers have shown that the use of tiger scat in a garden will help keep those pests away. For goats, feral pigs, kangaroos (not likely to be a problem for most of you...), and rabbits, the scat is guaranteed! It may also work for horses, cattle, and deer (and we've heard that it does). The scent of "predator" is enough to trigger the instinct in these animals to avoid the area completely!

Now, we're pretty sure that most of you don't have any extra tiger poo lying around. We, on the other hand, have more than our fair share of this natural repellant, so we can provide it! Every week we collect buckets full of tiger scat, lay it out to dry, then grind it into a powder by hand (one of the interns favorite jobs as you can imagine). This powder, when sprinkled around your garden, will save your flowers from those hungry pests!

So if garden pests are the bane of your existence or just a bit irritating, this spring, save your sapling, seedling, or garden and support a worth while cause.

1/2 Gallon Bucket: $8.00
1 Gallon Bucket: $15.00
2.5 Gallon Bucket: $35.00
5 Gallon Bucket: $50.00

ONE Gallon of Big Cat Scat should be enough to cover 100 square feet. You can call in an order at 940-433-5091 or e-mail us at Remember, ALL proceeds go directly to the cats!

Their poo helps you & your donation helps them!


  1. LOL. Guess I need some of that scat . . . the kangaroos are about to take over my garden!

  2. I will pass this along but I don't have a yard.