Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Finally Some Warmer Weather!

Well, the snow and ice are gone again and the temperature has gone up! We've been taking full advantage of this here at IEAS, getting lots of outdoor work done. Interns and keepers have been painting, weeding, building, fixing, and trimming - all while leaving our sweatshirts and gloves at home!

With the 60-70+ temperatures, the cats and bears have been out and about too! The cats have been out basking in the sun. Many of them love to lay flat on their backs warming their bellies. The Triplets (Akbar, Arusha, and Kumar) have been laying together under their trees, which is their favorite spot to lay in the summer time! It's giving us the feeling that spring/summer are just around the corner! We've even seen the Grizzlies! It seems like it may be time for them to come out of their hibernation. They'll be looking forward to wrestling in their pools and playing on their see saws!

While the weather is perfect, be sure to come out for a tour!

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