Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why YOU should tour IEAS!

From the road, it's difficult to imagine just how much lies behind the IEAS signs. The entrance gates of IEAS span a length of some 100 yards of highway. However, once you’ve parked and your tour begins, you step into more than 40 acres of amazing experiences. Even without the animals, the walk along the tour route would be serene and relaxing, surrounded by trees and nature. The addition of passing by such a large number of truly breathtaking exotic animals makes the trek almost surreal.

All it takes is a moment of locking eyes with Ron, a majestic male lion or a content and loving chuff from Simba III, a tiger, to make you realize how magnificent these animals are, and better yet, to show you how lucky you are to be sharing time and space with them. It is often surprising how quickly and easily you can make a connection with an animal resident. Walking through the Sanctuary and seeing these animals, all of whom were rescued by IEAS after being abused, abandoned, neglected, or confiscated from someone unwilling or unable to care for them, brings to light the realities of exotic animal ownership. The resident animals are incredible ambassadors for both their wild cousins and animals who are currently in situations that they once lived in.

The added satisfaction of knowing that your visit has helped to protect and care for the animals you see, ensuring their happiness and majesty, surely makes that decision to finally stop in and see what’s behind those gates worth it! For more information about tours, click here!

We hope to see you soon at IEAS!

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