Sunday, August 5, 2012

UPDATE: Sapphire!

Have you been wondering how the Sanctuary's newest resident, a cougar named Sapphire, is doing since her arrival at IEAS two months ago? Well, in short, she's doing wonderfully!  

After spending the majority of her life indoors, Saphy had some major adjusting to do when she moved into her new outdoor home. Complete with toys, perches, grass, trees, a cave, a hammock, a house, and more, the habitat is a natural, enriching space for her, but a big change nonetheless. She took less time to explore than many new arrivals. Within the first few days, we spotted her in her cave (her favorite spot, for sure), on her perches, and even rolling around in the grass in the evening time. She even has a favorite toy, her hanging buoy, which we have spotted her batting around as she lays on her back beneath it. Over the past few months, her curiosity has stayed strong. She loves to keep and eye on what's going on around her, particularly in the evenings. 

Some of the most incredible progress she has made since her arrival has been in the behavioral changes we've seen. Her wild instincts have been popping up here and there, and we couldn't be happier to see that a natural environment brings out the cougar in her! Her favorite day of the week is definitely Thursday, the IEAS Bone Day, where she receives a few turkey necks in lieu of her normal diet. When she sees the gator coming with her treats, instinctual mode kicks in and Saphy is ready to pounce on those turkey necks the second they are inside her habitat!  

Another "cougar" habit that Saphy has is burying her feces. This is a normal behavior for this species of cat, but Saphy has taken it to a whole new level recently. When we pick up her habitat, we are certain to find one big mountain of dirt and grass that she has built up since the last pick up day. We sift through and sanitize, but as soon as we are done, she is back out shuffling her pile back together! Such a funny girl!

So, all in all, Sapphire is doing great. She's got a good appetite, stays cool in her cave and under her misters, and even enjoys visits from her trusted human caregivers. We are so happy to have her as part of the IEAS family. 
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