Friday, August 31, 2012


Akbar, white Bengal tiger, after his arrival at IEAS!
Supporters like you made his life here possible,
and you can continue to help animals just like him! 
If you receive our monthly newsletter, you may have already read about the Chase Community Program and the opportunity it has given to IEAS this month. If not, then you should know that through this program, the Sanctuary has a chance to win $250,000! This prize is unbelievable and we are so excited to be a part of it! $250,000 covers almost HALF of our annual expenses - how amazing would it be if we won!?

So, what do we want from you? A vote! That's right. Just a vote! You don't have to vote every day, you don't have spend any money... you just need to CLICK. It couldn't be any easier, and you'll be a part of doing something amazing for the animals that call IEAS home. Remember, every vote counts, so please don't overlook this opportunity to help!

Each of you has the potential to vote for IEAS 3 times. Here’s how:

Voting Method Chase customers can vote 2 times from here (for 2 different charities – one of them IEAS!)

Voting Method Go to the Chase Community Giving App to get 2 votes (for 2 different charities – one for IEAS!) Once you get to the page, click the "Chase Community Giving" box (with the hand logo) to go to the VOTING page! 

Bonus Votes: By voting on Facebook, you can get a BONUS vote for any charity (even one you’ve already voted for). You can get this bonus vote by allowing “access” and sharing any content from the Chase Community Giving App on your own Facebook page. You can also get a bonus vote if one of your friends links back to the Chase Community Giving App from your shared link!

Voting begins September 6 and ends September 19! We will send out reminders on our Facebook, but get ready to VOTE! Tell your family, tell your friends! One click can make a HUGE difference!

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