Monday, August 20, 2012

After the Rain!

A few days full of rain means we've got things to do here at IEAS! We have quite a few hills on our 50+ acres and flowing rainwater means we've had some wash outs. For the next week or so, Richard and Roy will be using our tractors and equipment to fix the holes and valleys. This is a time consuming project that will use considerable amount of diesel to complete. Because of your support, we'll be able to get it done!

But we're not complaining about the rain! It was definitely much needed. It helped water the grounds, cooled us down, and, a particularly exciting result, it filled the bear ponds in Bear Orphanage! The black bears have been loving having these ponds full. They have become the "hang out" spot during the day, and we've found bears there sitting by the edge, splashing around, or sleeping in the brush nearby. Several of the tours this week have been lucky enough to see Scooter, Scamp, and Greta splashing around in the water, and it truly is a treat to see them so happy thanks to the rainy weather!

Can you spot all three bears?

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