Friday, January 1, 2016

Surprised Birthday Party!

Surprise Birthday Party!!!

As promised we gave some of our residents more pumpkins, but this time in recognition of a very important celebration, Duke's Birthday!!! We gave him his own pumpkin with a Happy Birthday message and some of his human caretakers help him celebrate his 12th Birthday. Check out the pictures below and follow us on Facebook for more. 

This is Duke posing with his pumpkin before eating his birthday cake.
He was very possessive of his present.

Duke is one of our four resident cougars at IEAS and they can live to be seventeen years old or older. Duke arrived at IEAS in 2011 from a Coryell County property deemed a too dangerous habitat for animals due to poor environmental conditions. He didn't come here alone though, he was joined by Prince, Princess and Duchess. 

This is him after a few bites, treasuring the moment. 

Cougars are native to Texas and much of the continental U.S, but are also known to reach into Canada and  South America. They are the largest of the lesser cats meaning they can purr to help communicate in groups. They are carnivores who feed mainly on deer, but also small rodents, opossums, beavers, and porcupines. They drag their prey into a secluded area and are known to bury their prey to munch on at a later time.

For more information on his story as well as any of the other residents please visit our website. Duke along with many of our residents are available for adoption. To learn more about this process and other ways to help please do not hesitate to contact us or follow the links. Some of the options cost you nothing and all of the proceeds go to the animals. For Example, amazon smile and Kroger as well as Tom Thumb  grocery stores donate one percent of each grocery bill to the Sanctuary. 

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