Friday, January 22, 2016

IEAS Bears and their Dens!

As you may be aware, the majority of our American black bears live in large, naturalistic habitats in Dorfman Bear Orphanage and our PETA area here at the Sanctuary. Because they have acres to roam, they are able to live out their lives almost as if they were in the wild. Despite the fact that many of them came here as very young cubs, they have still displayed several natural instincts, such as digging dens to sleep in during the winter.

One such bear, Greta, came to us after being rescued from a photo for profit facility as a cub. Even though she never has been a wild bear, she used her instincts to dig a long-lasting den that lasted her through several winters. Sadly, just as the bears started to become less active for the winter, her den collapsed due to all the rain and recent snow! Fortunately, neither she nor her companions, Scamp and Scooter, were inside when it happened.  Greta once again proved to be self-sufficient as ever, beginning to dig a new den soon after the original one collapsed! She is already enjoying her new winter den. We hope Greta’s new den will last for many more winters to come!

Greta's new den

If you’d like to see Greta and our other bears, feel free to stop by for one of our guided tours, which we provide everyday at 11 and on Saturdays at 3.  If you’re interested in helping support our animals, please visit our How to Help page!

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