Friday, January 8, 2016

IEAS Intern Holiday Bake Sale

IEAS had its first-ever annual Intern Holiday Bake Sale earlier this month, which was organized almost entirely by the IEAS intern team! We are excited to say that we were able to raise $515 to go towards feeding the animals at the Sanctuary! Despite feeding our bears less during the winter because of their reduced activity, we are still going through about 250 pounds of meat every day. Being a nonprofit organization, we are able to pay for the care of these animals strictly through grants and donations. We are so grateful towards Bianca Lewis from Target in Fort Worth, TX for providing the donations that made this bake sale possible! We also want to thank Derek Pranther for allowing us to have our bake sale at Love's Travel Stop off of Highway 114!  We greatly appreciate everyone who came out to support the Sanctuary at our new yearly tradition!
If you missed our bake sale and would like to support the sanctuary in other ways, please visit our How To Help page to learn more ways you could help us provide for our animals!

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