Friday, July 13, 2012

Meet Christi!

If you've been to IEAS, you may have seen Christi getting work done all around the Sanctuary grounds. Christi Gilbreth is the Curator and Assistant Animal Behaviorist at IEAS, and she has been working here for more than seven years!

Christi graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Wildlife Ecology and Management. Before coming to IEAS, she spent a year helping rehabilitating and releasing native wildlife at Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in Kendalia, TX. There, she also helped care for resident animals, including bears, jaguars, cougars, and a variety of primates.

Upon her arrival at IEAS as an intern in December of 2003, Christi completed her internship and was asked to stay on as a keeper. She has since earned her current titles. During her time at IEAS, Christi has helped care for the resident animals while teaching interns the ins and outs of animal care and daily Sanctuary operations. She also co-founded SWAVA, an organization created to share information with sanctuary workers and volunteers in the hopes of improving the lives of captive animals in sanctuaries everywhere.

Christi has also spent considerable time working alongside Animal Behaviorist Louis Dorfman. She has helped raise two cheetah cubs, five white tiger cubs, two baby bobcats, a cougar cub, and eight black bear cubs. She has learned a huge amount since coming to IEAS and continues to learn something new every day!

Come out to IEAS to visit Christi and the animals in her care! 
See you soon! 

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